Who We Are


Mr. Didier Dogley

Minister for Environment, Energy and Climate Change
Alain Decomarmond

Mr. Alain Decomarmond

Principal Secretary - Environment Department

Mr. Denis Matatiken

Special Advisor to the Minister
Wills Agricole

Mr. Wills Agricole

Principal Secretary - Energy and Climate Change Department
Marie May Jeremie Muzungaile

Mrs. Marie May Jeremie-Muzungaile

Director General - Biodiversity Conservation and Management Division
Nanette Laure

Mrs. Nanette Laure

Director General - Waste Enforcement and Permit Division
Selvan Pillay

Mr Selvan Pillay

Director General - Climate Change Division
Theodore Marguerite

Mr. Theodore Marguerite

Principal Policy Analyst for Energy - Energy Division
jeanette larue

Ms. Jeannete Larue

Technical Advisor - Environment Education


Heads of the various organizations falling under the Minister's Portfolio

flavien joubert

Mr. Flavien Joubert

Chief Executive Officer - Seychelles National Parks Authority

Mr. Philippe Morin

Chief Executive Officer - Public Utilities Corporation
Michel Vielle

Mr. Michel Vielle

Chief Executive Officer - Landscape and Waste Management Agency
tony imaduwa

Mr. Tony Imaduwa

Chief Executive Officer - Seychelles Energy Commission
raymond brioche

Mr. Raymond Brioche

Chief Executive Officer - National Botanical Garden Foundation
vincent amelie

Mr. Vincent Amelie

Chief Executive Officer - National Meteorological Authority