The Ministry provides advice such as pre-planning and also authorises certain activities.  Application forms are available online and these can be downloaded, printed and submitted to the respective offices for further processing.

Please note that authorisation is required from the Ministry in case you want to cut down a tree, light a fire and to remove, transport or release any hazardous chemicals. The processing fee for such services are listed below.

1. Application to light a fire

You need a permit from the Environment Department to light a fire as stipulated under the Lighting of Fire Act.  Application form is available online or can collected at Forestry office located at Room 205 at the Aarti Building.  Fill in the form and attach all necessary documentation.  There is a processing fee SCR 100 per application.  The staffs will conduct a site visit prior to issuing you with a burning permit.

Please note that the Ministry will not process any application form when a fire ban is in force.

2. Application to fell a tree

Permission is required from the Ministry to fell a tree listed in the Schedule of the Breadfruit and other Trees Act.  The application form can be downloaded online or can be collected at Room 205 at the Aarti Building.  A fee of SCR 100 needs to be submitted to process your application.  The Ministry reserves the right to approve or reject your application.

3. Authorisation to discharge effluent on Land and in any Watercourse.

In line with the EPA, Authorisation is required from the Ministry to discharge any effluent on land or in the watercourse.  This include the release of effluent from Sewage treatment plant, industries or from any other treatment or processes.  Based on the quality and standards of the effluent, permission may be granted by the Environment Department to release the effluent either in the sea or in any neighbouring wetland or watercourse

The application form can be downloaded here and there is a processing fee of SCR 200.

4. Disposal of hazardous waste

Given that Seychelles is Party to the Basel and Stockholm Convention, you need permission from the Environment Department to dispose any hazardous waste such as expired medicine and asbestos.  You need to contact the environment Department in case you are unsure whether the type of waste is hazardous.  The Department will notify you whether it can and need to be treated first before disposal or whether it can be disposed directly in landfill.  For the latter, the Department will inform LWMA and there is a fee of SCR1000 to be paid to LWMA.

5. Authorisation to transport, dispose or export hazardous waste

There is different type of wastes that are considered to be hazardous and need the authorisation from the Environment Department.   Car batteries, waste oil, scrap metal, electronic waste, plastic, shredded pet bottles and aluminium cans are all considered to be hazardous waste.  This include hazardous and special waste.  You need to complete an application form and there is no processing fee.

There are other services where you need to have authorisation or advice from the Environment Department.  Usually, such applications can be made directly to the Environment Department or through the relevant organisations.

i) Application for a permit to hold an activity on the beach

Authorisation is required from the Seychelles Police and the Environment Department to conduct certain activities such as Beach Extravaganza which include sports, night picnic and bonfire nights. In the event that the applicant would want to also install a temporary structure such as stall on the beach, a drawing of the structure needs to be submitted with their application.  Application can be made by filing in the application to hold an activity on the beach.  This should be submitted to the office for the Principal Secretary for Energy and climate change Department.

ii) Application for container

Permission is required for placing a container on your property or at any location apart from the Port Area.  The application can be made directly to through a letter addressed to the Principal Secretary of the Environment Department.  In your application you need to state the size pf the container, location where you will like permission to place the container, use of the container and also the time you intend to leave container at your site.

iii) Pre-planning Advice

Any member of the public can contact the Ministry in case they would like to have some pre-planning advice.  For example, if you have a plot of land and would like to have certain development, the Ministry can advise you accordingly.  You can make an application through a letter addressed to the Principal Secretary of the Environment Department.

iv) Application for blasting

The Ministry can also provide advice if you are making application for basting. You can make an application through a letter addressed to the Principal Secretary of the Environment Department.

v) Application for Earthworks

If you are considering doing some earthwork, you can request for some advice from the Environment Department through a letter written to the Principal Secretary.  Otherwise, if you submit your application to the Planning Authority, your application will subsequently be sent to the Ministry for approval.

vi) Application for importing chemicals

you need permission to import chemicals such as pesticides.  A representative from the Ministry also sits on the Pesticide Board.  Chemicals on the prohibited list shall not be imported at all (Link to the list of restricted items). You can make an application through a letter addressed to the Principal Secretary of the Environment Department.

vii)         Application for rearing of livestock

To undertake any livestock activity, you need permission from the Ministry responsible for Natural resources.  Permission is also required form the Environment Department.  Usually, when the application is made to SAA, the document is then forwarded to the Ministry.  A join site visit is conducted prior to being granted permission.

If you are unsure about certain activity, please do not hesitate to contact the greenline on 2722111 or you can email us at (

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